Snapchat Best Week Ever


August 2016Present

I was the illustrator and animator for SELF Magazine’s first ever Snapchat Discover Pop-Up, entitled “Best Week Ever.”

I ran weekly art concept meetings comprised of SELF print’s Creative Director and Art Director as well as SELF digital’s Senior Designer and Assistant Photo Editor. I also presented weekly progress to SELF’s Editor In Chief and Executive Digital Director.

I managed all assets relating to top snaps and swipe-ups, including gathering photo and video research, tracking copy status, and editing audio clips.

I am currently working on SELF’s next Discover Pop-Up, scheduled to go live January 6th. 


Unique Viewers: 5.11m
Subscribers added: 132k
Shares: 207k
Screenshots: 186k

Performance was rated to be in the top quarter of all editions, including the daily Discover channels.