Experiencing Everest

Over 120 bodies are left behind on Mount Everest, used as way-finding points for current climbers. This statistic caught my eye, and inspired me to create a project centered around the juxtaposition between death and beauty, that the mountain presents. I designed a book that translates the experience of climbing the mountain into the act of turning pages. As the reader 'climbs', a black bar relays the current 'height', and fatalities are recorded on the page that corresponds to the elevation at the time of each climber's death. Everything culminates with a pull-out documentation of every fatality: the person's name, nationality, expedition, cause, and location of their death.

A friend created an audio file to go along with the experience of reading the book. It creates a pedantic beat that alerts the reader when to turn the page. The beat slows down according to the number of fatalities on a given page, allowing time for rumination and reflection.

The book is French folded and perfect bound.